Bold Darling is a platform to support entrepreneurs who understand that business is about more than business.



I’ve run my own companies for ten years now, and I’ve gotten the opportunity to mentor hundreds of other female entrepreneurs.  You know what I’ve learned?  

So much of business success is wrapped up in how we feel holistically about our lives: our wellbeing, our relationships, our spiritual connection and also our self-belief, energy management and ability to GSD (that's Get Shit Done - now you know).

The fact is, when we’re approaching our businesses and broader lives with clarity, purpose and energy, the whole "business thing" is infinitely easier.  


Here’s how I see it…


It supports women who are on a mission to build their businesses, and who don’t want to sacrifice all the other elements of their lives in doing so.  They want to have successful, profitable companies…. as well as feel energised, healthy, connected to their loved ones, and to feel damn lit up in their lives.

At Bold Darling, we talk about sales

We talk about building the culture of our team’s dreams. 

We talk about innovation, creativity and productising our ideas. 

We talk about how to get the right people on the bus, and how to make sure they’re sitting in the right seats.

However, we also talk about energy management

We talk about wellbeing practices that will prime us for success. 

We talk about building a positive money mindset

We talk about spirituality

We talk about healthy relationships.  

And we know that we’re figuring it out together, step by step.

Bold Darling has an annual "curriculum" - with a distinct monthly focus. Each month, we dive into a different vital subject area.

The monthly focuses include:

  • Business scaling
  • Money & profit
  • Creativity & innovation
  • Energy management
  • Profile & influence building
  • Leadership
  • Spirituality
  • Hiring & culture
  • "The Blend" of business and family

"I feel like my tank is full. I've set goals. I'm reaching goals. And I'm feeling more confident."

"I joined Bold Darling for support and encouragement, and to have someone in my corner.

I'm constantly making sure everyone else is happy and looked after - I'm doing the right thing by my team and my husband and my children and my pets. And I didn't feel like there's much coming back into the tank for me.

On the outside, I looked like I was absolutely killing it. But no one could see that I wasn’t looking after myself. I hadn't been prioritising sleep. In fact, I had completely forgotten how to look after myself during 14 years in business. I now meditate and have a diffuser and essential oils beside my desk, which is something small.

Bold Darling has helped so far as I feel like my tank is full. I've set goals. I'm reaching goals. And I'm feeling more confident. I haven't done much with systems or money before, because I haven't had the confidence to make those commitments. But with Bold Darling now, I’ve got strategies in place. "

Kelly Adam, Snow Country Automotive


I started my first business in my spare bedroom in 2012 - the first talent agency for social influencers in Australia, a business that went on to secure multi-million dollars in turnover.  

Myself and my team won a shelf-full of awards (including Entrepreneur of the Year and Start-up of the Year) and I got to have lifechanging experiences like spending a week on Necker Island with Sir Richard Branson, and being flown all over Australia to speak at events. 

 I've featured frequently in media, including The Project, Sunrise, The Today Show, Sydney Morning Herald, Marie Claire, Sky News, ABC News and The Australian.

I sold my first company to focus on my “soul on fire” work and for the last four years I’ve mentored thousands of women, published four books and hosted a podcast with hundreds of thousands of downloads.

My role in Bold Darling is to light you up by connecting you up with your vision, help you cut away the crap and distractions that are actively pulling you away from the life and business of your dreams, and remind you of the incredible potential you hold. 

"If you want to make changes, join Bold Darling, because there's a structure, a whole team to support you, and a range of experts that come to talk to us."

"I joined Bold Darling because I really wanted to work with Lorraine, but I wasn't quite ready for one-on-one mentoring because I was just relaunching my business. Getting to work with Lorraine and have a core curriculum each month was something that really appealed to me because it meant that I could work on my business in more of a group setting.

Bold Darling is really helping me to channel my motivation into actually taking action - I'm a massive procrastinator! Having an accountability group that I check in with every month means I must take those actions that I said I was going to take.

If you’re thinking about joining, I would say this: If you look at your life and your business in a month, two months, three months, one year, what's going to change?

If you want to make changes, join Bold Darling, because there's a structure, a whole team to support you, and a range of experts that come to talk to us. If you’re looking to up level in business, Bold Darling is it. "

Tomika Steele, Music Is My Muse

And I share the wisdom of the experts I lean on myself…

To weave as much expertise and experience as possible into Bold Darling, each month, we’ll host an expert from our monthly area of focus.  This exemplary group of experts is curated by me - they’re the very people I trust and lean on for guidance and inspo in my own life and business.

Julie Masters
Entrepreneur & Speaker


Profile & Influence

The Influencer Code

Abbie White
Entrepreneur & Sales Strategist


Revenue generation 

How to close the gap between marketing and sales

Nicole Bayliss
Life Path Guide & Soul Coach



A group meditation and energy alignment with success and abundance

Robert Maciver
Relationship Therapist



How to prioritise our relationships in the midst of business growth


"Bold Darling has made me feel like I'm not alone. All of a sudden I have a network, peers who are doing similar things."

"I am pretty thrilled to have been part of the inaugural intake for the Bold Darling Program. I had actually engaged Lorraine for mentoring, and I didn't want it to stop! So when I heard about Bold Darling, I thought: “this is the best of both worlds”.

It's a way for me to continue momentum with Lorraine, but also to work with other like-minded female entrepreneurs who are in similar stages of their business.

I've got a brand new business that's launching next week and Bold Darling has made me feel like I'm not alone. All of a sudden I have a network, peers who are doing similar things at similar stages, and I've got great systems in place. I have access to amazing resources and the group sessions every couple of weeks have been amazing.

We're going through the same things, which are equally terrifying and exciting. I look at it like a mother's group for a business! I wasn't sure how our accountability group of five women would go, but those sessions are so powerful. I walk away from them high fiving myself.

It’s awesome - we're helping each other and we're cheering each other on. And that is worth its weight in gold. "

Lauren Adlam, Zown app


Bold Darling has been designed to give you the structure you've likely been craving.  There are touchpoints each quarter, month and fortnight - and "always on" elements you can access whenever you need them.  When you join, you'll immediately feel the dynamism and focus of the structure.  


You’re running an established business

 You’re working on your business idea or are in the early stage of your business

 You’re running your business as a side hustle to your job 

 You’re an intrapreneur who wants to bring more innovation to your organisation 

 You're ready to do business in a way that supports YOU

"If you’re thinking of joining Bold Darling, I would say do it for the guidance and support you're going to receive... and do it because it feels like a big warm hug from Lorraine"

"I decided to join Bold Darling for the beautiful blend of business and life within the content offered. There are so many business masterminds and groups you can join, but we all strive for that business and life blend.

The program has helped me in my business by really giving me structure and a clear path forward with our quarterly planning that we've done. I pull out my plan every now and then just to have a look, check where I’m at and identify what I still need to do.

I didn't have that kind of structure before. And in my personal life, I've learned to not fill up my calendar. In fact, I filled it with a little bit of white space, which I learned all about from Lorraine and that's been really important for me.

If you’re thinking of joining Bold Darling, I would say do it for the guidance and support you're going to receive. Do it for the accountability that keeps you on track. Do it for the deep dive, into all things, business and life related and do it because it feels like a big warm hug from Lorraine."

Tamara Scamporlino, Vibz Dance Studio


Group welcome session

You'll be guided through how to get the very most out of the program and also get to know your Bold Darling community. After this session, you'll be crystal clear on your intention for Bold Darling and have a strong connection with your new allies in business.

Quarterly planning days 

Every 3 months, I guide you through the planning process that I work with in my own businesses. Expect a fast-paced day that will see you with a clear roadmap for the next 90 days… and some serious accountability with your fellow Bold Darlings.  

Monthly Masterclasses/Q&As 

These sessions deliver the goods on the must-know principles of that month’s area of focus.  I’ll take you behind the scenes in my business and life, and you'll also have dedicated Q&A time to tackle any challenges you’re experiencing right now. 

Monthly Expert Workshops

You get access to my little black book of experts - the people I lean on and trust in my own life and business.  Curated with the monthly focus in mind, these experts will expand your thinking on everything from health to profit, from spirituality to purpose.  

Accountability groups

When you join Bold Darling, you’ll be placed in a group of 4-5 other members at a similar business life stage to you.  This is your “mastermind within a mastermind” for peer mentoring - you'll stay accountable to each other and benefit from the tips and insights within your group.

Quarterly Bold Darling Book Club 

To me, books are LIFE and I’ve learned some of the most valuable life and business principles from generous authors.  Each quarter, I’ll hand pick and send you a book to read - that we’ll then discuss over the following month in our members-only forum.

Member-only Forum

You’re connected with other Bold Darlings on a private, members-only Facebook group.  This is your hub: the place to share wins and blocks, to ask for recommendations, and to have space held for you by women who also “get it”.

Dedicated Bold Darling Portal

On becoming a member, you’ll receive your exclusive login to the Bold Darling Portal.  Here you’ll find all session recordings, templates and extra bonus resources as they get added, as well as your member directory and calendar.

Bold Darling Playbook of templates

This digi-Playbook contains pretty much any template you need to run your business and life!  In it you’ll find my team templates (eg: job description, team review pack), planning tools (e.g: five year vision, quarterly plan) and reflection exercises just for you.


To make Bold Darling as accessible as possible, both upfront investment and monthly payment plans are available.  All rates include GST and there is no minimum monthly commitment.



AUD $497 per month

(total: $5,964 per year)




AUD $5,500
(SAVE $494)


As a special thank you for joining, all Bold Darling members will receive a $1,200 treasure trove of my most popular products, to help them on their entrepreneurial journey, including:

  • My Business Planning Bundle (valued at $297)
  • My Create Academy program (valued at $297)
  • My Get Remarkably Organised Program (valued at $397)
  • Plus extra audio mentoring guides, pep talks and ebooks (valued at $200)



Applications are open NOW until THURSDAY 23RD JUNE... then doors close so I can settle our brilliant new Bold Darlings in with the existing group.



STEP 1- Fill out the simple application form here.  

STEP 2 - Your application will be reviewed by myself and my team within 48 hours.

STEP 3 - You’ll receive an invitation to book a call with me once your application is approved.  On this call, we can check the fit for you and I can answer any questions you might have about Bold Darling.

STEP 4 - Once we both agree on our fit together, we'll get you Bold Darling official!



"It has helped in my life and my businesses by creating space for me to work ON my businesses and not IN them, and think about things from a different point of view. "

"I joined Bold Darling because it fits with my life as a career-orientated single mum with a side hustle. It has helped in my life and my businesses by creating space for me to work ON my businesses and not IN them, and think about things from a different point of view.

I loved the systems and organisation sessions last month, that have helped me to organise not just my business, but my work and my family life too.

The accountability groups are fantastic despite the five of us all being in vastly different industries; we all come across similar challenges in our daily lives. And it's so nice to be able to connect with people who get where I'm at in my life.

To someone thinking about joining Bold Darling, I would say if you have the time to commit to improving your life and your business, the desire to take the teaching onboard and are looking for like-minded people… then do it. It's amazing."

Tara Batt, agriculture business owner