Growing your personal brand is NEVER a bad idea.

Being more visible: 

  • Increases your credibility and "stickiness" with existing customers
  • Enables more of your dream customers to find your business...
  • ...AND makes them a hell of a lot more likely to buy from you!
  • Helps you stand out and attract the best talent to your business.

This is very important: personal brands are not solely the domain of influencers and coaches. Hell no.

Every business model will benefit from the increased profile of its founder. Remember: people connect with people and the halo effect of a high profile founder is invaluable.

Focusing on my personal brand for the last decade has changed my life and my businesses. It enabled me to build an awardwinning first business, to publish four books, host a podcast with a highly engaged audience, and build a second business that now enables me to be anywhere in the world.

I’m inviting you now to come behind the curtains of how to build and amplify your personal brand with a three-day high-octane, high-value experience.


It’s called The SHOWUP.

And in it, I’ll be sharing the most nuggety, hard-won lessons I’ve had in this space.


Yep, I’m inviting you to show up for YOU and commit to creating the personal brand that will unlock your version of success for yourself - and your business!

From Wednesday 29th - Friday 31st March, I’ll step you through the three key pillars to making this happen.



Here’s how it will run…

BEFORE WE BEGIN - Get clear on success

In this pre-recorded session, I’ll help you get crystal clear on what success looks like for your personal brand. I’ll share with you the very same tool I used 11 years ago that started me on my path to profile.


The biggest block to most people in showing up more visibly in the world is self-doubt. And more specifically, our not-so-BFF Imposter Syndrome. In this live session, I share with you the secrets to unlocking your confidence and self-belief. Too many women think small and play small when it comes to showing up in the world - THIS IS NOT FOR YOU ANYMORE!


It can be mindblowingly overwhelming to figure out what to do / what to prioritise / who to work with / where to start on growing your profile. In this session, I’ll share with you the model that I’ve built my business on, and that I teach Bold Darling members. This structure will deliver mucho clarity and give you a solid jumping-off point to get started on your own personal brand strategy.


Content shouldn’t be a box-ticking exercise that’s delegated to the most junior member of your team. The emails/Insta posts/videos/Facebook posts we share are our golden opportunity to wow our existing and potential customers. Let’s make it good! Today I’ll share with you my golden rules of content creation - and how you can create content that connects.


The sessions are a mix of pre-recorded and live, and all recordings (a video and audio option) will be shared with everyone registered after each session.

You’ll also be welcomed into a pop-up Facebook group as soon as you register, to connect with the SHOWUP vibes of your fellow participants, and benefit from extra Q&A and support with me and my team.

Oh, and there are prizes!! $300 worth of prizes to be accurate. Each day, spot prizes will be awarded to the participants who implement and integrate most. Fun!

Now, this bit is v important!


The SHOWUP will be one of the most potent weeks of your business life. You’ll be getting a direct download of the greatest learnings from my own 11 years in business, and my thousands of hours of mentoring both my Bold Darling group and one-on-one mentees.

The “rate card” investment for it SHOULD be at least $397…However I know how important it is for more women to be more visible as the experts and influencers they rightly are. So I want as many business owners as possible to experience this.

So I’m offering it for…….. FREE.

Yep, absolutely no payment required from you.

What I DO ask is that you show up for yourself during the experience. Book the dates in your calendar now, and let’s set you up for max success at unlocking the nuggets for your SHOWUP.


Wednesday 29th - Friday 31st March


I started my first business in my spare bedroom in 2012 and that business went on to secure multi-million dollars in turnover and received plaudits including BRW’s Fast Starters, Entrepreneur of the Year, Emerging Agency of the Year and Australian Start-up of the Year. Media I've featured in include The Project, Sunrise, The Today Show, Sydney Morning Herald, Marie Claire, Sky News, ABC News and The Australian.  I now get to write books and mentor entrepreneurs on how to grow their businesses without sacrificing themselves in the process.  Oh and I'm a mama to Lexi (5) and Wilder (1)!